Hidden Symbols Of Valentine’s Day

Valentines day is almost here. In my opinion valentine’s day is made for women. Most things you see sold in stores are for women and not men. I have gathered some great ideas, that any man would be pleased with.

Flowers are a very traditional gift because they simply work so well. Most women love flowers, and most men do as well. You can’t buy cheap grocery store flowers at the last minute and expect to make a big impact, unless you also buy a vase, a card, maybe some balloons or a teddy bear to accompany them. It is often better and more convenient to get flowers from a florist. Online florists are convenient and delivery can make a big impression. I remember one set of roses sent as a surprise as I had already given another Valentine’s Day gift in the morning. They certainly pleased my lady friend big time!

When its an engagement or a wedding, diamonds come to mind to say that you want a long lasting relationship as hard as the diamond. They are unique and above all other stones in the world. This is what you convey to your loved one, when you buy her diamond earrings.

Once you have your bow tied, it’s time to decorate the front of your card. You can do so by gluing a picture of yourself on the front. Another idea is to use left over Christmas paper. Perhaps you have some with angels, or other keepsake beauties. If so, just cut out a piece in the shape you like, and glue on. A heart shaped angel or kids playing in the snow is perfect. If you just don’t have any photo’s or left over paper, search though old calenders, valentines day images cards, and even magazines.

Truely This love song is sung by Lionel Ritchie and valentines day quotes is about a man who is truely in love with a woman. This song makes the list because it warms the heart to have someone in love with you.

A mistake on Valentine’ Day is a tragedy for men, projecting waves of consequence years into the future, and insuring an immediate and possibly prolonged sex drought.

This bold, but simple graphic has a giant red heart surrounded by the “happy valentines” wish. The text is in black and outlined in white. The entire graphic is outlined in a thick sparkling silver.